Server updated to 2.5

Luckily the pack is still being updated, and we got version 2.5 about 2 weeks ago. I recently updated the server and all seems to be running well. I added 2 more mods that I thought would be fun to check out, and / or might come in handy :

  • Integrated Dynamics & Tunnels – Lot of possiblitities to work with redstone logic and have stuff go through pipes where you want it to go ;).
  • Cyclic – adds a lot of nifty blocks that can do handy things

PneumaticCraft and Immersive Tech

Today I added both these mods to the server. They are included in the downloadable zip file, linked at the server info page. Also Refined Storage was updated to 1.65 which features bug fixes and faster autocrafting, so I figured I might as well throw this in as well ;).

Both  these mods should be fun to play around with. Immersive Tech features a huge steam turbine amongst other things, in the Immersive Engineering stylle.  PneumaticCraft: Repressurized has some unique mechanics featuring an air compression chamber. It also adds some more fuels like LPG that can be made from raw oil, so more fun machines to set up :).

PneumaticCraft Minecraft
A pneumaticcraft pressure chamber