PneumaticCraft and Immersive Tech

Today I added both these mods to the server. They are included in the downloadable zip file, linked at the server info page. Also Refined Storage was updated to 1.65 which features bug fixes and faster autocrafting, so I figured I might as well throw this in as well ;).

Both  these mods should be fun to play around with. Immersive Tech features a huge steam turbine amongst other things, in the Immersive Engineering stylle.  PneumaticCraft: Repressurized has some unique mechanics featuring an air compression chamber. It also adds some more fuels like LPG that can be made from raw oil, so more fun machines to set up :).

PneumaticCraft Minecraft
A pneumaticcraft pressure chamber

Big Update 2.4.1

The server has been updated to FTB revelation 2.4.1. There must have been an urgent fix as 2.4.0 which was in beta, cannot be found anymore, 2.4.1 is a forge hotfix. 2.4.1’s main update is refined storage which has been rewritten / revamped ! The updated version of enderio contains a ton of bugfixes, going by the changelog.

Also gadgetery is gone, I used a few machines of them, which leaves a weird black hole in the world ;). Nothing world breaking so far, though I havent tested much yet.

Start Server

This is the former ‘family friendly server’ run by Persano :).

The server is currently running FTB Revelation 2.3.

It’s available through MultiMC (choose new instance and FTB legacy and then FTB revelations v. 2.3) and the twitch / curse client.

I have added 2 mods, that I wanted to use and / or check out:

– direwolf20’s building gadgets

Advanced Generators

I put the current versions in a zip that you can get here. Just unzip the files into your mod folder and you should be good to go.

Server address :